wonderful evening

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the wonderful evening

Established in 1994 by Ong Keng Sen and based in Singapore, the Flying Circus Project is a major programme exploring creative expression in Asia now.
This transcultural, inter-disciplinary, long-term research and development programme consists of performances, screenings, conversations, laboratories, workshops, talks and engagement with the local communities.
This year the 6th edition of the Flying Circus Project stopped in Ho Chi Minh City from Monday 5th to Friday 9th november.
By coming to Vietnam it became the opportunity of a new collaboration with the HCMC based artists group Wonderful District.
Following “A Wonderful Weekend” they organized at 72-13 in Singapore last April, Wonderful District has been invited to curate the closing event of the Flying Circus Project : “The Wonderful Evening”.
For this special arty party, Wonderful District has decided to invite Thierry Bernard, a French artist who will present some videos & sound installations and will do a live music and video performance with Sandrine Llouquet.
Micmac and Rich Streitmatter-Tran will also collaborate in another live music and video performance.



- Friday, November 9th

7pm – 8pm:

“airmax” by Thierry Bernard >>> series of live music performances for five people only

8pm – 8.30pm:

“floating desert discovery” by Thierry Bernard & Sandrine Llouquet >>> live music and video performance

8.45pm – 9.15pm:

Micmac & Rich Streitmatter-Tran >>> live music and video performance

9.15pm – 0.00am:

Dj sets with Beton , Micmac +++ guests...


- Saturday, November 10th


Presentation of some sound and video works by Thierry Bernard

8pm – 0.00am:

Dj sets with Beton, JVC +++ guests…



44 - 44 Mac Thi Buoi – District 1 – HO CHI MINH CITY

More infos about…

Flying Circus Project on http://www.72-13.com

Wonderful District on http://www.wonderfuldistrict.org

Thierry Bernard on http://www.thierrybernard.net, http://www.orphanageland.com

Micmac on http://www.myspace.com/teknomusic

Rich Streitmatter-Tran on http://www.diacritic.org

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