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Depuis ce matin les mails fusent depuis la Californie pour nous tenir informes des derniers rebondissements de l'expo. Je crois que c'est la premiere fois que je me sens aussi profondement triste face a tant d'incomprehension envers l'art.
Derniere message recu:

"Hello everyone,

It is with a very very heavy heart that I must let you all know that we have decided to postpone One Mic tonight until further notice.  We HATE to succumb to these terrorist tactics, but we were unable to get support from Santa Ana police (who said that they have no budget to send police out there, and to just "call us if something happens"), and this morning after the intense press conference, a couple protestors came into the exhibit (claiming they wanted to see it for themselves, and they came from far away, etc etc) and ended up vandalizing the art pieces in contention... with spray paint, underwear, and a tampon.  i know - exactly.  what are we, 12?

They crossed the line.

We are worried for the safety of the performers as well as the audience... after all, it only takes one person to lose their temper for a fight to break out... 

And as for defamation of character, we know that whatever we say will be twisted out of context (because they do that SO well) and used against us.  Funnily enough, this might be a positive thing for me as I make my move to Viet Nam (hehehe - joking, people).

One Mic WILL happen before I leave for Viet Nam for a year.... so please stay tuned.  Thank you SO much for your support.

We are now officially Art Refugees, "Nghệ Thuật Tì Nạng".

In solidarity.

Keep Expression Alive!"

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Dalton's 17/01/2009 21:56

Pas de panique. C'est arrivé à Delacroix, à Manet, à Van Gogh, à Picasso, à Duchamp.

sandrine 18/01/2009 06:32

Zinquietez pas les Daltons, y a pas de panique. Je trouve juste ca triste (pas du tout par rapport au fait que je sois dans l'expo mais juste par rapport a tant d'intolerence et d'incomprehension
et la violence que ca peut engendrer).