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With A Wonderful Weekend, 72-13 will be home ground to myriad of  
artists for a few days.

Art space 72-13 looks set to be the roaming place of video heads,  
electronic music freaks and performance art enthusiasts come April 5  
to7. Not surprising, considering the eye-opening activities lined up  
for the show A Wonderful Weekend. Curated by artists Bertrand Peret  
and Sandrine Llouquet, the show will comprise installations, live  
music, videos, talks and more, involving everyone from architects to  
filmmakers, visual artists to DJs.

Why the jumble of art forms and creatives? “We believe that there are  
a lot of people who don’t care about contemporary art only because  
they’ve never seen a piece of contemporary art. By mixing  
exhibitions, concerts and theatre in th event, we want to mix  
audiences and make the public discover something they were not  
interested in before,” Llouquet quips, “And I think the borders  
between art forms are getting less clear. Contemporary creation mixes  
competences. Visual artists are making music and musicians are  
working with architects.”

  Llouquet’s own works for A Wonderful Weekend include an  
installation that plays with the second space and the architecture of  
72-13.Other artists who are involved include Stephane Concard, Madame  
Patate, Toma, Vu Nhat Tan, Jean Phan, Robert Cianchi, Rich  
Streitmatter-Tran, Pilooski, Tam Vo Phi, Quynh Pham Pleix and Leila  
Albayati, most of who are either Vietnamese artists or French artists  
based in Belgium and Vietnam.

  Whatever you’re interested in, count on A Wonderful Weekend to  
deliver something that’ll capture your attention. If you’re intrigued  
already, hop over to see what’s in store. It’s fun way to spend your  
Easter weekend too, if you ask us. –Ng Hui Hsien

  A Wonderful Weekend is on April 5 to 7. 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd,  
6737-7213. $8. Log on to www.72-13,com for more information.

[ From I-S Magazine, 30 Mar 2007, Friday. Page 28. ]

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