Hong Kong Art Fair

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Galerie Quynh is pleased to present the work of Do Hoang Tuong, Tiffany Chung, Sandrine Llouquet, Trong Gia Nguyen and Bruce Yonemoto at ART HK 10.

One of Vietnam's most respected painters, Do Hoang Tuong is recognized for his unsettling works of pained men and women who appear at times androgynous and nonhuman. His confrontational figures often inhabit a flat, anonymous background of neutral and soothing colors.

Tiffany Chung explores the spatial and cultural transformations of modernizing cities. Featured at ART HK will be new layered drawings from the Map series which represent studies of pollution levels in southern Vietnam.

Often working in the medium of drawing, Sandrine Llouquet makes images that are deceptively simple, whimsical, uncanny and vaguely violent. Like the paintings of Do Hoang Tuong, her works possess an atmosphere of disquiet and at times suggest transformative power. Llouquet will be exhibiting new plexiglass cut-out sculptures with a selection of drawings.

There is always wit, humor and irony in the work of New York-based artist Trong Gia Nguyen.  A selection of new work from Nguyen's Library series will be presented at ART HK. Nguyen's most ambitious 'book' to date - an installation of the entire 48 chapters from Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida (transcribed from the original French version) - will be on display.

Los Angeles-based artist Bruce Yonemoto will be showing photographs from his recent NSEW show at the gallery. The NSEW photographs are also currently on display at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

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